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What is Giclee print ?

Giclee Print, also known as archival print, is the process of using the finest ink and papers to print ultra-high resolution images to get the best quality. This is the ideal way of reproduction so that your artwork stays beautiful for a very long time. Imagine being able to hand down your art to a younger member of your family, sounds incredible right ? If you own a giclee print, it may gain value over time similar to an original painting. This is why we want giclee art to be apart your legacy. With the right care, your valued print ought to last a life time.

Is my giclee print limited edition?

Every giclee print exists in limited edition to make sure it remains special in your home. Each print is numbered so you know exactly which one you have in the collection. Furthermore, when you buy giclee print at Axum art cafe, you get a letter of proof to certify its authenticity.

What is Caribbean art?

The artists showcased on this website are unique in their style and expression but they are all from the Caribbean islands. You can now appreciate some the finest art in your office, home or apartment.  The vivid colours found in these glicle prints will light up any space and bring warmth to any family.


Where is the Caribbean ?

Located in the Atlantic Ocean,The Caribbean is a region consisting of islands surrounded by sea and Ocean. This part of the World is known for white sand beaches and its turquoise water. Every year,  millions of visitors head to these islands to spend time in paradise where time literally slows down.

To get an idea of this vast region , The Caribbean spans 2 Million kilometers and counts more than 7000 islands with 13 sovereign island nations and 12 dependent territories with close ties to Europe, The United States and China. Each Island boosts its own culture and heritage.


Shipping & Delivery


We deliver in hand to our local residents in St Maarten. just give us the details when you check out.


International shipping is available ! Shipping prices may vary based on size and location. Taxes and duties do not apply. Delivery 14 to 21 days.Tracking details will be emailed to you once your order has shipped. 


Return Policy

 If there is an issue , damage, with the print you received, please email us at, the order number and the product you would like to return or exchange in the first 60 days of purchase !  

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