Sexy Leadership meets SXM. For the first time. This interactive seminar has traveled to Curacao and Suriname before in 2016. It is an interactive seminar build around the Sexy Leadership method and philosophy. The 5 steps of Sexy Leadership lead to more awareness of your talents, strengths and selfworth. The book and training method has helped hundreds of primarily women to find their passion, purpose and goals in life and gave them the confidence to start acting accordingly and building the life and careers they always wanted. 
This interactive seminar will provide you with insights, inspiration and tools to do the same. 

I, Ruth Sinkeler, am traveling from Suriname to SXM for the first time and am looking forward to meeting the strong people from this awesome island. I hope to see you on thursday June 7th at Axum Cafe 

This ticket includes your entrance for the Seminar, a copy of the Sexy Leadership book (worth $18.45) and unlimited non-alcoholic drinks and snacks. You can use this link to buy your ticket and reserve your seat. There are 40 seats available