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About Us

Ladies Hip Hop


Starting from December 15, 2023, at 7:30 PM, we invite all female artists to showcase their skills in a competition featuring three exciting rounds. The ultimate winner will receive a Cash Prize, a free studio session, and a free music video—perfect for launching your career to new heights.This program is supported by The Cultural Participation Fund.

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Why Participate

Ladies only

Stand out and make your mark in a competition exclusively for female artists.

Top Notch prizes

Win a Cash Prize, a free studio session, and a music video to kickstart your journey.

Community support

Connect with fellow female artists and music enthusiasts, fostering a network of support.


December 15th at 7:30 PM : Present your skills and style in the first round of this thrilling competition.

Event Structure :

  • Round 1 - December 15th: Present your skills and style in the first round of this thrilling competition.

  • Round 2 - Semi-final: Elevate your performance to the next level and earn more points to secure a spot in the final.

  • Round 3 - Final: Give it your all in the grand finale, where the ultimate winner will be determined based on the cumulative points from all rounds. 

How to Join:

  • Register for the competition on our website before the 15th of December. 


Be a Sponsor:

  • Support female empowerment in the arts by becoming a sponsor. Contact us for sponsorship opportunities.

Rules for performers :



  • The competition is open to all female rap and hip-hop artists.

  • Performers must be at least 16 years old

Original Content:

  • Performers are required to showcase original content.

  • Covers and remixes are allowed, but originality will be a key judging criterion

Time Limit:

  • Each performer will have a maximum time limit of 5 mins for each performance.

Point System:

  • Points will be awarded by a panel of judges for each round.

  • Cumulative points from all three rounds will determine the overall winner


  • Performers should dress in a manner appropriate for a public audience


  • Any content promoting hate speech or discrimination will result in disqualification.


  • Respect fellow performers and audience members.

  • Any disruptive or disrespectful behavior may result in disqualification

Prize Acceptance:

  • Winners must be present at the final round to receive prizes. Prizes are non-transferable

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